If unreasonable commission fees are eating into your profits and starving your growth, we have a solution for you.

With Marché Commun, you now have the freedom to choose a local delivery platform supported by the government of Quebec to help reduce the financial strain caused by the pandemic shut down, high third party commission fees, and hidden charges. 

We offer the lowest flat-fee structure available plus transparency so you know exactly how much you pay for each order. There are no hidden fees andthe flexibility of the platform empowers you to use the services based on your needs. 

There are a few ways that you can use Marché Commun’s platform. You can advertise your restaurant’s menu, process orders for customer pick-up, dispatch your in-house delivery, or use Marché Commun’s bike delivery couriers. Our expert couriers have years of experience working year round with local restaurants and are an essential part of the team. Our mission is to help restaurants make the transition to a profitable delivery and take out model with a platform that is accessible and easy to use.

Restaurants pay a flat fee of $1 per order to use Marché Commun’s online marketplace.

The credit card transaction fee is 2.7% + .30¢ per approved transaction. 

Each delivery order transaction is billed to restaurants as such:
• $1.00 per order paid to Marché Commun
• $1.00 per order paid to delivery partner to ensure fair wages
• 2.7% +.30¢ per order for the credit card transaction fee
• $6 + tip per delivery paid by the customer - 100% of this will go to our bike delivery partner.

Each pickup order transaction will be billed to restaurants as follows:
• $1.00 per order paid to Marché Commun
• 2.7% +.30¢ per order for the credit card transaction fee

What we do with the $1

In addition to financing the platform, Marché Commun actively promotes it's platform/marketplace and works via advertising campaigns and special events that support the authentic Montreal experience. The fee also goes to supporting Covid-19 Help Hub’s social impact and food security projects.


The onboarding process is simple and straightforward.

1. Send us an email to to get started

2. Average time for onboarding is up to seven (7) business days.

3. We will contact you to confirm once onboarding is complete and will show you how to use the back-office portal.